About Us
  • To provide all round services through a well integrated set up that responds proactively to change.
  • To assure the best possible services and returns to our clients on a continuous basis

  • To conduct our activities with integrity and dignity
  • To act in an ethical manner in all our dealings with the public, clients and employees.

  • To proactively manage change
  • To develop and build leaders for the future by focusing on professional excellence in all our activities.
  • To ensure high standards of service and transparency in all our dealings
  • To build a team based organization
  • To focus on end results
  • To practice good corporate governance

The promoter

Altina Securities was set up by Mr. Clifton Desilva in the year 1993. Mr. Desilva who began his career in the year 1978 has rich experience of over 30 years in all facets of Capital Markets which include Investment Banking, Equity Research, Stock Broking and Portfolio Management.

During his working career from 1978 to 1993 Mr Desilva worked with the following organisations:

J.M Financial & Consultancy Services 1978-1980 Portfolio Manager
H.L. Financial & Management Services 1980-1983 Portfolio Manager
Tata Investment Corporation 1983-1993 Investment Manager

In the early eighties, equities as a mode of investment was not very popular and researched based investment decisions were unheard of. At that time Mr. Desilva pioneered the concept of equity research by setting up the Research Capabilities of all the organisations he worked with. Apart from building up data base, it was plant visits and management interactions that added value to the research capabilities. During his career as Investment Manager Mr. Desilva had the distinction or researching several hundred listed companies.

These research capabilities were used to take informed investment decisions on the investment portfolios managed by Mr. Desilva. These informed decisions resulted in superior returns to clients which comprised of Institutions, Corporates and high net worth individuals.

Mr Desilva’s last assignment was with Tata Investment Corporation as Investment Manager where the role was to manage the firm’s investment portfolio running into several hundred crores

In recognition of his contribution Mr Desilva was appointed Director of Investa, a subsidiary of Tata Investment Corporation.

Mr. Desilva also plays an active role in contributing towards investor education and awareness programmes. He has participated as well as conducted several Investment Seminars and workshops on investment both in India and abroad. Mr Desilva has also authored several hundred articles in leading investment publications. Besides his views in investment matters appear regularly in investment journals

Mr. Desilva also played a significant role in setting up Apple Mutual fund which is now part of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund and was on the Board of Apple Asset Management since its inception.

In the year 1993 Mr Desilva set up Altina Securities to take up membership of the National Stock Exchange.

The Company

Altina Securities is a member of the National Stock Exchange in the capital market segment as well as well as the derivatives segment (futures and options)

The Company caters to a vast clientele comprising of corporates, high net worth individuals and retail. It also offers a wide array of Services as well as Investment Products based on the requirements of the clients. The solutions offered are based on the clients investment objectives, risk profile and time horizon

The Company focuses on long term wealth creation and does not encourage short term speculation and that is one of the reasons that the Company has adapted a business model which differentiates it from a conventional stock broking outfit. The Company does not have any sub brokers or franchisees and instead has adapted a boutique form of an outfit. In this type of model the focus is on wealth creation which is achieved through as asset allocation programme.

Based on the Clients investment objectives, risk profile and time horizon a customised asset allocation programme is designed.

The various investment products and services offered by the company are listed under the heads Products and Services.