Policies related to Inactive account


Clients who have not traded for more than one year will be treated as dormant accounts or inactive client account and will be activated on the request of the Compliance officer on the completion of the following documents and letter from the respective client. The duly signed documents along with necessary annexure should be forwarded to the office for reactivation and the staff member in charge will reactivate the account in front end and back end software.




Altina Securities Private Limited
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 (To be filled by the client)


Client Code


Client Name




Reason for Reactivation


Introduced by



I/We hereby request you to please reactivate my /our account and treat this form as intimation for re-opening of the account. I/We hereby confirm that all the information’s provided to you with initial account opening are the same , and / /We do agree to abide by the exchange rules and notifications issued till date.



Client‘s Signature and Date