Stock Broking

The Company is a member of the National Stock Exchange in the Capital Market Segment as well as in the Derivatives (Futures & Options) market. The Company is also a dealer on the OTC Exchange of India through its subsidiary Altina Finance. The Company offers full fledged broking services both offline and online which include advice on investment as well as trading strategies that are designed after taking into consideration the risk profile of the client.

On the futures and Options Segment, the company assists clients in devising profitable trading strategies.

The Company offers customised, convenient and cost effective services of the highest standard. This includes prompt execution and timely confirmation of transactions, advice based broking, personalised services, competitive brokerage rates as well as regular client meetings.

Market Knowledge, trading expertise, equity research, transparency in dealings and services of the highest standards is what the company offers its clients. It is the company’s constant endeavour to maintain high standard of professional conduct and total compliance with the requirements as laid down by the Regulatory Authorities

Equity Research

The approach to successful investing is through a well informed decision process. This objective can be achieved through extensive research, backed by plant visits and management interactions. The firm leverages on the vast experience of Mr. Clifton Desilva in the field of equity research. It may be noted that the last few years have witnessed several countries migrating towards a market driven economy. This has led to greater integration of various economies. Any development in a country could impact another country positively or negatively which impacts sectors as well as companies operating in those sectors. The Indian economy too is integrated with the global economy. As a consequence, the effect of changes elsewhere in the world is being felt in India. To anticipate and offset these changes, the development of strong research capabilities is of paramount importance which in turn will aid in the decision making process and supplement the stock broking activities

Clients are updated on the research findings through regular newsletters and research reports

Investor Education Awarness

We strive to help in the development of the Indian capital market and the overall interest of investors. Emerging economies such as India have seen an influx of investments from advanced economies due to higher economic growth in these economics

The Indian capital market has grown in every sphere from the amount of capital raised and the increasing retail participation. Indian market infrastructure has evolved to become one of the best in the world. The needs of the Indian investor have also been evolving with times. From floor based trading with simple cash equity in physical certificates and periodic account based settlement in 1994 to fully automated in real time risk managed centrally cleared and counter party guaranteed electronic settlement in 2012.

In addition derivatives in equities, currencies, interest rate have also been introduced in the Indian markets. These efforts have improved a great deal of transparency of transactions and safety of settlements.

Contribution of foreign institutional investors over last 2 decades in investments has also been an important feature in the growth of the market.

These efforts have improved a great deal of transparency of transactions and safety of settlements.

Contributions of foreign Institutional investors over the last two decades have also been an important feature in the growth of the markets.

We have been instrumental in conducting and participating in over 500 investor awareness programmes over the last several years addressing over 200000 investors directly in addition to spreading awareness through media, magazine, television, mobile communication etc to impart financial literacy, educate and enlighten the investors by making the necessary information available to them

We are able to reach and inform several current and potential investors through these methods.

Investor Education and awareness continues to be our main focus areas. These initiatives aim to strengthen and deepen investor awareness, and promote equity markets as an attractive investment. option. It also aims at boosting participation in the stock markets resulting in economic growth and opportunities across the country. If India growth story has to be sustained and create new chapters expanding capital markets by more retail participation is the need of the hour.

We are focused on our goal of advancing investor knowledge as a result of which investors will be better equipped to maximize their professional and financial growth.

Glimpses of investor education programs

(Conducted and Participated)

Promoting Entrepreneurship

Over the last several years we have played an active role in promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship both at the start up level and scale up level. We have played a handholding role for several companies’ right from incubation to listing on the stock exchanges.

We are currently focusing heavily on enterprises in the small and medium sector (SME) as we are of the view that the SME Sector particularly in developing countries are the backbone of the nation’s economy.

With the setting up of the SME platform on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange there is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to raise equity capital for their growth plans.

Small & Medium enterprises (SME’s) particularly in developing countries are the backbone of the nation’s economy. They constitute bulk of the industrial base and also contribute significantly to their exports as well as to their Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In India Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSEME’s) contribute 8% of its GDP, 45% of the manufactured output and 40% of exports. It provides employment to about 70 million enterprises. The MSME Sector is the largest generator of employment in the Indian economy. It forms a major portion of the industrial activity.

Small firms depend on entrepreneurs. -The individuals who have the ideas and are willing to take the risks necessary to get a firm off the ground. India needs more entrepreneurs and we constantly look at ways in which potential entrepreneurs may be encouraged to set up firms.

First there are cultural factors which discourage too many people from starting a business. We need to develop a more entrepreneurial culture starting with young people and from school education. Also there is often a stigma attached to failure.

Second the administrative requirements are often a major factor in putting entrepreneurs off.

Third entrepreneurs need to find it easier to attract investors

Certain groups in society such as people from minorities face additional difficulties in trying to set up business and special attention needs to be given to help these groups.

With the setting up of the SME platform at both NSE and BSE we are playing an active role in promoting SME’s to list on stock exchanges.

We are in the process of developing an entrepreneurship action plan as a blueprint for decisive action to unleash India’s entrepreneurial potential, revolutionize the culture of entrepreneurship in India, changing public perception of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship education and to support groups that are under represented

Entrepreneurs are indispensible if we want to create enduring change. It is essential that a large number of Indians recognize an entrepreneurial career as a rewarding and attractive option

According to an estimate India needs around Rs.1 – 1.5 crore jobs per year for the next decade to provide gainful employment to India’s young population. Large business in India both in the private and public sector will not be able to generate employment at such a large scale. There is need to actively focus on entrepreneurship thinking which can help in creating jobs to absorb our young population. India needs more entrepreneurs, more innovation more high growth SMES. Hence it is essential to stimulate the entrepreneurial mindsets of young people. The important role of education in promoting more entrepreneurial attitudes and behavior in now widely recognized.

Entrepreneurship refers to an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action. It includes creativity, sense of initiative, innovation and risk taking as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve the objectives.

•  The entrepreneurship competence includes therefore transversal skills and attitudes as well as more specialized knowledge and business skills. In a broad sense entrepreneurship should be considered as a mindset that supports everyone in day to day life at home, society and provides a foundation for entrepreneurs establishing a social or commercial activity.
•  Setting up an SME is just the beginning. If the SMEs are to have a significant impact on the economy, they need to grow bigger – take on more employees and expand their product ranges, markets and turnover. In many cases the skills and experiences of an entrepreneur are not necessarily sufficient to grow the business to a much larger size. Further stages in the company’s development require amongst other things new techniques and the know how to implement them, new staff with additional skills and access to new markets. And of course financial investment is a major requirement for growing a firm.
•  Certain groups in society for example women, people from minorities and young people face additional difficulties in trying to set up and run business and special attention is given to encourage these groups and an entrepreneurial spirit in them.
•  With a view to encourage and identify these groups we conduct an essay contest every year and a group among the participants is selected for mentoring and transforming their ideas into business plans.